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          WOOD CHIPS

            To develop our supply chain services, we are opening the vertical market by exploring and expanding the woodchips business and providing the first-class services to the pulp mill and wood board manufacturers.

            We have established strategical partnership with local chip mill and foreign resource owners.Furthermore, with supporting vessel chartering and port&logistical infrastructures, we provide all aspects supply-chain services to customers.

            Striving to become an excellent supplier of wood chips in China.

          Business scope and business variety

          Domestic wood chips :

          coastal chips in North of China, woodchips in South of China

          Imported wood chips :

          Area Main Country Species
          Southeast Asia Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia Acacia, Eucalyptus, Mixed hardwood chips
          Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Radiate pine, E.globulus, Caribbean pine
          North America USA, Canada Douglars fir, SPF
          Latin America Chili, Brazil Eucalyptus, Pine
          Russia Russia Spruce, Larch


          Keller Yang Woodchips Dept.
          Tel :


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          ADD :

          24/F,C&D International Building, No.1699 Huandao East Road, Xiamen, 361008, China

          Mark Ma Woodchips Dept.
          Tel :


          Fax :


          Emal :


          ADD :

          24F, C&D International Building, No.1699 Huandao East Road, Xiamen, 361008, China